Credit Checkup for Financial Health


” Do a credit check-up to be financially healthy and not get cracking your head by borrowing money and borrow money from a moneylender or commit to a loan from Crefisa .” Well, it’s well known that you can not have a sustainable credit history or good credit score without having any credit history aligned. And while being fit for credit is a common problem for both young people and even adults, it can also be problematic for women in general.

In Brazil or anywhere else in the world, women can play a vital role as spender and sole payer of accounts in a family, however, many have almost no credit record of their financial responsibilities , regardless of whether they have a spouse .

The credit history is done separately for each debtor, if you are listed as an additional card holder rather than an account holder, all the hard work you are putting in to pay your home bills on time may not appear on your credit history.

Without a credit history, credit institutions are not able to assess your financial competence, tell me, how will they know that you can pay back a personal loan on time if there is no history showing that you have repaid loans in the past? If you are unsure about your credit history, it’s time to do some research on Serasa Experian and SPC.


Use the steps below to help determine if you have built a strong history or not:


Use the steps below to help determine if you have built a strong history or not:



1 – Review all accounts payable to you or your family, including all future debts such as mortgages, personal loans and credit cards, car financing, etc. Make sure you are listed in these accounts as the holder or if it is jointly debts ie in conjunction with a spouse.

2 – Enter Serasa, SPC or on sites that offer this type of service and request your credit reports to see if all your accounts are listed correctly and if not lost outstanding accounts. Any account where you are a joint account holder should be included in your credit reports.

3 – If you already had credit with a different name such as a single or married name, send a letter to each credit bureau explaining your name change. Then request free copies of your credit reports to make sure that your reports reflect your entire credit history, including everything under your previous name.

4 – Once you take these steps, you will know how to act in relation to your credit history. Once that’s done, find a way to establish credit with your own name, but make sure you start slowly and always. Ask for new cards, lines of credit and personal loan gradually and according to your need.

Be sure to do your research and read the contracts before you apply for a credit card for not taking negative. When you sign up to receive a new credit card, be sure to pay consistently and on time the outstanding balance of each month. Using credit and paying off debts consistently, you will go a long way to improving your credit history.