GDPR / RGPD: What is it and how does this new data protection law affect me?


GDPR or RGPD are the abbreviations that everybody talks about lately, in fact, every time you turn around someone is talking about it. But what exactly is it and why is it so important for everyone?

GDPR, by its abbreviations in English (General Data Protection Regulation), or RGPD by its abbreviations in Spanish (General Regulation of Protection of Data) is the new norm that regulates the protection of the data of the citizens who live in the EU.


Where we are and where are we going

The current Data Protection Directive (DPD) was adopted in 1995. Much has rained since then so it does not cover most of the technological changes we have now. For this reason, in January 1992, the European Commission decided that it was time to push forward a reform on data protection for the EU.

The new General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force on May 25 provides EU citizens with greater control over their personal data. This new regulation reflects the current technological changes and the way in which companies and businesses collect and store information about their customers.


What companies does the GDPR / RGPD affect?

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<p><a href=All companies that process personal data of citizens living in the EU, regardless of their place of origin or activity, are obliged to comply with this regulation.


What is personal data?

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<p>A personal data is basically any information concerning an identified person (it indicates directly to which person it refers, without the need to make further inquiries) or identifiable (it does not indicate to which person it refers, but it gives us enough information to be able to reach to find out your identity).</p>
<p>A personal data can be the name, the email address, or another type of digital information, such as the IP address.</p>
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<h2>Why it is important to protect your data</h2>
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